First Class Textile Production in Shaoxing, China

Conscientious, Reliable and Professional

Our textile manufacturing business SVAN INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2004 and began in the textile center of China within the Shaoxing Zhejiang Province.


High quality textile production and R&D innovation helped us to enhance our competitiveness over the years. Our company is engaged in textile manufacturing and export of first class fashion fabrics around the world. As we progress with our daily business, we’ve started to put our core focus on areas like female and male apparel fabrics as well as a full range of woven and knit denims. Our biggest strength and selling factor is being able to carry out our entire customer’s requests quickly with a permanent high quality standard.

Our vision and biggest goal is to provide all of our customers with nothing but the best one-stop fabric sourcing solution with high production capabilities, fast delivery and the best quality shipping standards. Our company’s mission is to be your go to vendor when it comes to novelty fabrics.


We work worldwide with clients, which include well known businesses and brands as well as wholesalers and garment vendors. Our current main markets that we focus on and deliver to on regular basis are Europe, Africa, South America and the Far Eastern nations.


With strong marketing and a team of motivated people we fulfill all our customer’s requests at any given time.

We would be pleased to establish a successful business partnership with you. Get in touch with us via email or our contact form. We will get back to you very soon!

Our team is at your service with help and advice. Feel free to contact us at any time by email or by phone during business hours! | 0086575-85128529

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