Years of Experience and Professional Services
in Fashion Fabrics 

Your Entrepreneurial Success is our Aspiration!

We’ve focused on a number of fields in textile production to be able to provide your business with the highest possible quality of clothes for women and men, especially in the production of sustainable high standard denim fabrics.

Our Collection

Following the fabric trends in the international textile market, at SVAN INTERNATIONAL we aim to provide the best services and prices to our customers around the world.
As your textile wholesaler we produce new fabrics on a permanent basis, according to seasonal requests and trends of the market and offer our customers textile production of the latest fashion trends and developments.


Of course we also offer individual production for our partners in the retail business. 

For Her

We produce feminine clothing and business dresses for women young  and old. Whatever  the modern women likes, there are various choices in our collection to choose from. Just have a look at our top fashion range!


  • Basics
  • Business
  • Outdoor

For Him

Of course we also offer and produce high quality clothes for men. Casual and business designs are our specialities. In this field, we also follow the latest trends of the fashion industry, in order to provide your business with high selling textile goods year round.


  • Basics
  • Business
  • Casual
  • Oudoor

Denims - Blue Svan

All of our full denim productions already include all buttons. 
The shirting in woven and knits range in weight from 4-14 oz stretch and non stretch material made out of cotton and blends as well as fashionable selections of Tencel Denims.

Would you like to make an individual request? Write us now at We are happy to help!

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